Aussie’s Lotto Win Void Due To Clock Hiccup

Aussie Lotto
Lottoland’s supposed failure to update its time conversion systems and keep up with which time zone clocks are supposed to go forward and when, was the cause of much unhappiness and disappointment when an Australian man recently discovered that even though he had played the correct Lottery numbers in the US Megamillions draw, he would not be seeing a cent of his winnings deposited into his bank account. In fact, he wasn’t even eligible to claim that he had won due to the actual draw having taken place 27 minutes before his having entered his “winning” numbers.

The player, who wishes to remain anonymous and is being referred to as Mr.G, lodged a complaint with the NT Racing Commission, being the regulator for Australia’s Northern Territory. According to the statement given by Mr. G, he had placed his bet at exactly 11:27 am Australian Western Standard Time, 33 minutes before the official (advertised) drat time of 12:00 AWST.

As it turns out, Lottoland had failed to correctly convert the time. Mr. G’s numbers had in fact been publically revealed online by the time he had played those numbers.

Proving the Fault

Lottoland may have been at fault with the time conversion specifications, but it would be a tough trick indeed for the player to prove that he had in actual fact not seen the winning numbers before having entered the draw. Despite the fact that the games provider is insured against all sorts of contingencies, it’s highly unlikely that any insurer will settle a claim of this nature, especially since the winning numbers had already entered the public domain by the time Mr. G had selected his own set for the draw.

According to the Australian commission tasked with investigating the matter, despite the fact that the error may be perceived as highly unprofessional on the part of Lottoland, it is more understandable than what most would think.

The fact that AWST can be either 13, 14 or 15 hours ahead of EST does open up a special can of worms in the world of international clocks and time-sensitive games and competitions. But with that having been said, what with time conversions playing a major role in what Lottoland essentially manages on a day by day basis, one would have expected more from the provider than to make a crucial time-update mistake.

Blowing That One Chance

The regulator has however decreed that when Mr. G signed up for playing games on Lottoland’s site, he was requested to familiarise himself with the operator’s terms and conditions; which records show he duly agreed to.

Lottoland displays a clear disclaimer concerning incorrect deadlines displayed in error on its site.

So much for the once-in-a-lifetime “win”.