SoftGamings Announces Evoplay Agreement

Evoplay Agreement
This week, SoftGamings announced with major fanfare that the company had entered into a partnership deal with the famous Evoplay Entertainment. Evoplay is of course well known as a result of their having developed the very first Virtual Reality (VR) online casino game. According to the provisions of the agreement, more than 50 of Evoplay’s award-winning software titles will be made available to SoftGamings and its players.

It is not yet certain whether Evoplay Entertainment’s first VR game, namely Necromancer, will be included in the spectrum of entertainment that will be shared cross-platform, thanks to the shared content agreement.

More Than Just Pokies

Not only will a large selection of pokies be made available to SoftGamings, who will in turn employ creative ways in which to roll out the content to its own operators and players, but also table games and other instant games.

Players are hungry for games that are out of the ordinary, and instant games provide the antidote to just that. They are the ultimate boredom-busters and bring many new elements to the playing field in general. The complete list of titles to be included in the package has not yet been made known, but players can expect to be wowed and blown away.

Taking Hold Of Future Potential

Irina Sazonova, Director of Partnerships at SoftGamings, said that the company was especially pleased about the partnership, mostly relating to the content, but also because of Evoplay’s unbeatable reputation.

Evoplay Entertainment, as mentioned earlier on, developed the first VR casino game. This is a reflection on what the company is capable of from a creative point of view, and something that definitely must have been a motivating factor for SoftGamings. The fact that Necromancer’s inclusion in the shared portfolio is as of yet still uncertain, would not have made too much of a difference.

Evoplay will no doubt develop more VR titles in future, and its then that a shared content partnership will benefit a company such as SoftGamings. This is a prime example of the value of networking and sealing the deal whilst the golden window of opportunity is still wide open.