Genting Awarded For Responsible Gambling

UK-based Genting Casino is the first company to reach – and win – the new Safer Gambling Standard, the quality accreditation for the industry instituted by UK charity GamCare. Extolled as the highest possible level of award, the standard sets out to recognise those gambling operators who adopt good-practice principles and processes, insofar as they exceed the requirements of the industry’s Licencing Codes and Conditions of Practice (LCCP).

Following a thorough assessment process, Genting Casino has been awarded the highest level.

What Is The Standard?

The assessment comprises ten sets of assessment criteria for the achievement of social responsibility, in both online and land-based concerns. The Standard and its criteria are reviewed and updated yearly using academic evidence, clear-cut industry best-practice, and input from those on the ground who have been affected by gambling-related problems. The Standard is awarded at four levels: Entry Level, and Advanced Levels 1, 2 and 3, which will give operators a clear roadmap to improve.

The business under review goes through an assessment in which their policies and procedures are reviewed, interviews are done with their staff, digital interactions with customers are scrutinised, and measures that protect the vulnerable and young are tested. A wide range of areas are checked to get a proper sense of the operator’s organisational culture. For responsible gambling processes to be truly effective, the systems need to be integrated fully into the casino’s working operation.

Genting UK’s president and Chief Operating Officer, Paul Wilcock, described his company’s ethos, saying how important it was to them as an organisation to operate responsibly. It is central to everything they do, now and in the future. It’s important to Genting that their responsible gambling measures remain some of the most robust in the industry, he added, and he acknowledged his team for going the extra mile, to ensure they offer a safe gaming experience to their customers.

Helping The Consumer

As a leading resource of problem gambling support across the UK, GamCare’s focus is on minimising harm and boosting the social responsibility standards across the industry, making gambling safer for all consumers.

Paul Carpenter, Head of Industry Services at GamCare, explained that Genting had achieved the highest level of the Standard because it could demonstrate a clear, strategic focus on continued improvement, when it came to minimising gambling harms. Their approach included trying out different ways of identifying and interacting with At-Risk customers, or customers who they believed were exhibiting behaviours indicating they may have problems, or even be at risk of developing a problem. Genting’s approach towards social responsibility had been tested through on-site and remote monitoring, and they had proved that they were deserving of the Standard.