GiG Recognised for Innovation

GiG Recognised for Innovation
The Gaming Innovation Group, also referred to as GiG, is a firm that provides software for online casino operators. Known for providing excellent service, the firm has now officially been handed ISO 27001:2013 certification. This is a highly esteemed certification in the world of online gaming, and certainly something that the group will be pleased with. Moreover, it will no doubt go a long way in attracting operators to the now highly refined software offered.

Of course, the certification is not handed over for anything less than outstanding innovation and progress in a specific area, which is exactly what GiG managed. The group put in months of time and effort into their Information Security Management System, or ISMS, which finally resulted in certification being handed over. This is a major step for GiG, and certainly one that has been drawing attention from operators around the world. Which was, of course, exactly the aim of the impressive achievement.

Focusing On Security

Specifically, the work done to achieve the certification on their ISMS was focused on the GiG Core Platform, offered by the company. Developers of online casinos would use the platform in order to build their sites. The ISMS aspect of the platform focuses on flexible, reliable security structures, aimed at proving next level security for client data and other sensitive information. The certification now means that the platform offered provides the highest level of protection available, making the development platform one of the safest and most reliable currently available.

Obtaining the certification means that the GiG Core Platform was submitted for autonomous auditing, at the hands of the United Kingdom Accreditation Services, or UKAS. This, of course, is the only accreditation service officially recognised by the United Kingdom government. During the auditing process, the impressive levels of the software system’s security was demonstrated, all but making clear that security is a top priority for the company, and the products it offers to clients.

A Trusted Partner

Upon accreditation officially being announced, GiG was quick to take advantage and trumpet their success. Multiple gaming news outlets had the achievement as front-page headlines, making clear the level of the success.

Robin Reed, CEO of Gaming Innovation Group, was quick to make an official announcement. He declared that the certification stood as testament to how dedicated his company was, and how seriously they took security. He also stated that operators that decided to partner with the company would now be assured of the professional levels of commitment they would receive.

CCO Ben Clemes also took the podium to make a similar declaration. He likewise made clear how he felt the certification was proof of the professional levels of commitment offered, and proof positive that security was a number one priority for operators that partnered, and decided to make use of the provided platform.

As a final statement, Clemes pointed out that the brand now stands apart from the crowd more than ever before. Bold words, but certainly ones that hold water, given the recent developments.