Hard Rock Eyeing Australia’s Gold Coast

Hard Rock Cafe
Hard Rock International has approached the Queensland Government for permission to construct its latest integrated resort on the country’s Gold Coast.

The Gold Coast of Queensland is one of the country’s most popular destinations for both local and international visitors.

There is currently one casino and hotel resort situated on this strip of coastline. The Star Gold Coast, part of the Star Entertainment Group. The group recently received consent from the government to start its AU$2 billion expansion project. The expansion includes four new towers, which will house apartments, restaurants, bars and retail options and result in 3000 additional jobs once completed.

Although the Hard Rock group has presented the government with a timeline and probable investment amount, the company has yet to receive approval. Local reactions to the news that another integrated casino resort may be permitted have been negative.

Small business owners especially have voiced concerns that an entertainment centre of that size would put pressure on independent business owners such as clubs, restaurants and bars. Many feel that the smaller businesses would not be able to survive such competition, and that would also mean loses to the community in the employment sector and community contributions. The area’s small businesses contribute least AU$850 million to the economy currently.

Australia’s Global Tourism Hubs

As part of the country’s tourism plans, Australia has been working toward expanding the tourism industry in key areas, including in Brisbane and Queensland. One of the plans focus strategies is to construct integrated hotels and casino to attract both local and international tourists to some of the country’s most tourist-friendly areas.

The government opened the hub procurement process last year October and Hard Rock International has been trying to secure the Gold Coast development contract.

The Queensland Premier, Annastacia Palaszczuk has said that a second casino has not been discussed. This is despite the fact that the Department of Innovation, Tourism Industry Development and the Commonwealth Games announced its procurement process open for the Gold Coast’s Integrated Resort Plans. The Premiers comments also fly in the face of Queensland’s Tourism Minister Kate Jones, who detailed what the Global Tourism Hubs will look like, and the type of entertainment the new integrated resort will be required to provide.

Hard Rock’s CEO shared a glimpse of what the company is proposing, which is an integrated entertainment focused resort. The focus will be on both the experience as well as the physical amenities offered to visitors.