Isle Of Man Pioneers New Software Licence

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The Gambling Supervision Commission (GSC), regulatory watchdog for all of the Isle of Man, has in an endeavour to streamline the licensing process, launched a new business-2-business software supplier licence. The GSC has made it clear that the new quickie licence isn’t at all mandatory, but will go a long way towards knocking off some of the unnecessary admin generally associated with new licence applications in the region.

One of the main ways in which the new process will make life a great deal easier, is that it has created a framework whereby all new games can be submitted to the regulatory watchdog for pre-approval and certification. This will save a lot of time further down the line, as the GSC-certified content will not be subject to more scrutiny when presented to licensees operating in the Isle of Man.

Saving Time, Saving Money

In addition to existing operators licensed within the jurisdiction area of the Isle of Man, the new licence will also make it much easier for suppliers to start working with operators in other licensed markets all over the world.

The ultimate goal is one of saving costs and streamlining the licensing process within the scope of the world market. An attempt to standardise, to a certain degree at least, is also clearly visible within the inner workings of the new licence model.

Meeting The Market Where It’s At

The regulator also believes that coming up with effective new solutions for the global marketplace will set the local iGaming industry apart as a true pioneer in its field. The GSC refers to this kind of approach as a proactive response to the needs of the market.

According to Mark Rutherford, CEO of the GSC, streamlining the software licensing process is the ideal starting point when trying to achieve a better and more cost-effective operational system. A shorter time-to-market journey will bring about massive savings in terms of money as well as turn-around times.

Software management and a more fluid licensing process are two very important spokes in the proverbial wheel, and when these two elements run at maximum capacity, everything else naturally falls into place as well.