MGM Resorts Announces Baldwin’s Retirement

Bobby Baldwin
One of the biggest casino and entertainment groups in the world today, MGM Resorts, has announced that one of its most celebrated employees ever, Bobby Baldwin, will be stepping down from his multiple roles later this year. Now 68, he is MGM Resorts’ Chief Customer Development Officer, was well as Chief Executive Officer and President of CityCenter, which is an MGM-owned urban complex on the famous Las Vegas Strip.

Baldwin, now ready for retirement from a life-long service to and connection with the gambling and entertainment industry, will be leaving both positions.

Poker Was Where It Started

Interestingly enough, Baldwin was the youngest player ever to have won the World Series of Poker’s Main Event. He did so in 1978, when is professional playing career reached an all-time high.

MGM recognised him for more than three decades of service to the industry and said that his role in the overall development as well as the total transformation of the gaming industry, was immeasurable. The company said that it wished him only the best for the future.

A Lifetime Of Achievements

During the course of his extensive and celebrated career, Baldwin held positions at the Golden Nugget, the Mirage and the Bellagio. In fact, the high-stakes Poker room at the Bellagio was later named after him in honour of his champion achievements in the professional world of Poker.

He acted as Chief Financial Officer of the Mirage under the leadership of then CEO Steve Wynn, until such time as the company was acquired by MGM Resorts. Following the massive merger in 2000, Baldwin was promoted to the post of Chief Executive Officer of the Mirage.

Then, when the MGM group acquired the prestigious Mandalay Resort Group in 2005, the man of the hour was promoted once more, this time to his final role of President and Chief Executive Officer of Project CityCenter.

When asked about his lifetime achievements, he has often referred to his Poker playing career as the highlight of his life. He has won a total of four bracelets, and walked away in the big money from major tournaments no fewer than 20 times. He certainly did manage to build a career worth celebrating.