Microgaming Adds Switch Studios To Growing Collective

Switch Studios
It’s been an exciting year so far for casino software developer Microgaming and despite of the fact that the year is drawing to close and most people are starting to turn the volume down by a notch for the holidays, it’s becoming increasingly more obvious that the development giant will not be following suit.

It’s almost time for one of the most prominent gaming conventions of the year, Malta’s SIGMA 2018, and the company has announced that they are getting ready to introduce the world of iGaming to the newest independent developer to have been out-sourced to create content exclusively for Microgaming: the Ipswich-based Switch Studios.

The Independent Model

Those who have been following the developer’s doings will know that Switch isn’t the first independent studio to have been commissioned by Microgaming. The software giant has welcomed a number of stand-alone studios into its fold throughout the course of the past year, hoping to bring a fresh approach to content-creation into the casino software development game.

The company announced by means of a recent press release that Switch Studios were especially specialists in the fields of social games and table games, and that a fresh new take on Roulette would be launched at SIGMA 2018. It was also revealed that Blackjack would be next in line to undergo a complete re-model and re-vamp.

Discovering New Talent

According to John Coleman, Chief Executive Officer for the Isle of Man-based firm, the idea behind bringing Switch Studios into the Microgaming family was to ensure that the developer had an arm dedicated solely to the creation of an unbeatable table games offering.

Coleman and his team had obviously done their homework before having earmarked Switch for the task at hand, as the CEO pointed out that the independent team of developers had already demonstrated what they were capable of in terms of creating original and sophisticated casino games that did not blindly follow the traditional route usually followed when casino content is created.

Microgaming has shown itself to have a keen and accurate eye for spotting true and unconventional talent, and we’re quite sure that we’re going to see a couple of very exciting releases from Switch in the not too distant future.