Parimatch Signs Mike Tyson As New Ambassador

Parimatch Signs Mike Tyson As New Ambassador
Exciting collaborations and brand-associations are happening all over the show and it’s a very exciting time to be involved in any of a number of the world-wide gambling and betting industries’ sub-sectors. The latest exciting news is that world-renowned betting market leader Parimatch has revealed boxing legend ‘Iron’ Mike Tyson to be its new brand-ambassador.

Tyson is only the second celebrity sports superstar to have been offered a brand-ambassador contract by Parimatch. Tyson’s public persona will feature in all future advertising and marketing campaigns spanning the next 12 months and both parties to the agreement are said to be exceptionally excited about the new collaboration.

A Brand Match Equal To None

But why specifically Mike Tyson? According to Parimatch CEO Sergey Portnov, Tyson and Parimatch have quite a bit in common when talking international brands. Tyson shares a certain special fighting spirit, and just like Parimatch, Tyson has always been one to step up to the plate in order to show his mettle when it was required of him. Portnov is of the opinion that this quality, among many other similar quality aspects of character, is what makes Tyson the perfect fit for the acclaimed sports betting service provider.

Moreover, the Chief Executive said that the bookmaker had been impressed by Tyson’s tenacious nature, his capacity to push through in the face of adversity and his sheer grit and strength of fearlessness. Tyson embodies what it is to prevail even in the face of being afraid, and this, said Portnov, was the spirit of resilience that made winners; a spirit that Parimatch hoped to instil in its bettors so that they too may realise that winning is something that can be achieved by everyone.

All About Passion

The legend that is Mike Tyson is recognised the world over, and he is very much respected in top sports circles. Tyson currently still holds the superb record for being the youngest world heavyweight champion. The boxer achieved this stellar feat at the juvenile age of 20 years, 4 months and 22 days. The champion of boxing champions’ record is yet to be beat by another.

Tyson puts his world-renowned success down to a pure passion for everything that he does. He said that this is in his opinion the most important of all of the characteristics shared with Parimatch. This is no small or insignificant complement, especially coming from a World Boxing Hall of Fame sporting legend.