Maurice Hawkins’ Poker Debts Made Public

Maurice Hawkins Poker Debts Made Public
After two years of waiting, restaurateur Randy Garcia finally ran out of patience and took to Twitter about his staking agreement with Poker pro Maurice Hawkins. Hawkins, he said, has failed to pay him an outstanding amount of $103000 from a staking agreement the two made.

Garcia and Hawkins entered into a staking agreement in 2017, where Garcia put up the money for Hawkins’ Poker games. The two had agreed on a 50/50 split, however, two years later Hawkins has still not paid Garcia his share. Garcia eventually approached the courts and filed a suit against the pro in 2018. The lawsuit was reopened this year in April where the court ordered the Poker pro to pay Garcia the outstanding $103000 plus interest and expenses, bringing the final amount to $115828.34.

Taking to Twitter

Evidently, Hawkins has not made good on the ruling, as Garcia finally took to Twitter to vent his frustrations and warn others against stacking the pro. In his Twitter tirade he said that he had refrained from going public until now out of respect for the pro. However, as Hawkins clearly had no respect for him, he felt warning others was the correct thing to do.

Garcia also shared that Hawkins lawyer had contacted him regarding a payment arrangement of $1500 monthly, but had withdrawn the arrangement shortly after his Tweet.

Hawkins publicly shared his side of the story last week, confirming the two men's staking arrangement but saying that he had been making payments. However, it seems the dispute is actually about a personal loan and not the staking amount as claimed by Garcia.

Hawkins has said that the two of them are handling the situation amicably, which has been confirmed by Garcia. Garcia has not been as open about the resolution as he was about the dispute.

Hawkins Pocketed Millions

At the time the staking agreement was made, Hawkins had won 9 World Series of Poker Circuit rings. To date, he has won another 4 to bring his total to a record 13. In addition, the player has banked a hefty $1 million dollars since, but as of September last year had only paid Garcia $5500 of what he owes.

Should Hawkins not stick to the newly agreed payment arrangement, Garcia will likely keep the industry updated via Twitter, as it seems the social media platform garners plenty of attention. Even if it is for the wrong reasons!