SKYCITY Casino Wants To Go Online

Sky City Casino
A new and interesting development in Kiwi Country is that New Zealand’s SKYCITY plans to launch its very first online casino before the current year is out. But what’s so interesting about a traditional casino launching its own online platform? This is nothing new in the gaming and entertainment industry.

That may be true, but another truth is the fact that in New Zealand, online gambling isn’t exactly legal. At least not yet. But, as is generally the case, where there’s a will, there is a way. Or in this particular case, we should rather say, where there is a regulatory loophole, there is a way. 

Exploiting Opportunities

Despite the fact that no regulated online games market to speak of exists in the country, SKYCITY Entertainment Group plans to go about things in a slightly more against-the-grain kind of way. Operators may not be permitted to offer paid games of chance from within the borders of the country, but there are currently no laws in place that forbid those same operators from offering games to New Zealand players from outside of the country. 

The group has said its proposed location of operations will be revealed in good time. Australia would have been the perfect spot thanks to its close proximity, but since online games were declared to be illegal by 2017’s revised gambling laws, the land down under won’t be a viable option either.

Casino Games On Offer Only

According to company spokesperson Colin Espiner, an online games offering has been on the cards for quite some time, and that the group is of the opinion that the time is now right in order for this to come to fruition.

Malta is currently being considered as a strong candidate in terms of the group’s new online-facing headquarters, most notably due to its reputation of being a popular hub for online gaming endeavours. This has been the prevailing situation for many years now, and the group will in all likelihood, end up going into partnership with a locally licensed Maltese operator.

For now, the focus will be on real-money online casino games. Sports betting will not come into play immediately, but there’s no telling what the future may bring.