Negotiations Breakdown In SkyCity Casino Strike

SkyCity Casino has now suffered its second straight weekend of strike action thanks to a breakdown of communication at the negotiations table with Unite Union. The Auckland operator is struggling to keep things running smoothly, especially since weekends and evenings are their biggest and busiest times for visitors.

The union, however, is demanding better wages for staff working on the weekends and at night in their campaign called Back to the Weekend. These times are known to be the busiest for the casino, and therefore require the most staff. The union has released a statement saying that this is exactly why the staff working these hours should be paid better rates for them.

Unite Union Membership On The Rise

The movement has been gaining significant support by all workers at SkyCity Casino. According to a statement made by Garard Hehir, the union’s national secretary, there have been almost 60 new members signing up in the week after the first protests. Hehir went on to say that he sees this as a sign that their Back to the Weekend movement is right and the staff at SkyCity Casino have had enough of the way they are being treated.

In his statement, he acknowledged that the casino requires more staff members to be on duty during these times that most industries consider after hours. However, staff members should be incentivised to work these late hours and given good compensation for the fact that they are not at home with their families. Since the casino makes the bulk of its income on pokies, table games, meals, beverages and other entertainment during these hours, it stands to reason that they can pay their staff more for working them.

Offer On The Table

SkyCity Casino has stated that they offered a sliding increase that would take place over the period of the next two years. Wages would start with a six percent increase and go up to a 25 percent increase. The union rejected this offer in the week after the first round of protests. Unite Union then announced that their members would turn up for a second weekend of strike action in order to make sure their demands were heard.

According to a statement released after the first weekend of strike action, the union is also demanding better treatment of workers and not just a pay increase. Apparently, all staff members are on a rotating roster and end up having to work nights and weekends regardless of their family situation. Until this situation is addressed, the strike action would continue