Teen Nailed for Casino Fraud

Teen Nailed for Casino Fraud
It seems that you can really get your money’s worth for being tech-savvy, just as long as it’s not someone else’s money that you’re after! A Finnish teenager found guilty of having defrauded a Malta-based operator out of €138,000 has been slapped with a suspended sentence of one year and eight months by a court of law.

The teenager’s parents were in on the unsavoury game too and have both received suspended sentences for their involvement, after having been charged with money laundering.

Exploiting The System

The three individuals now have the opportunity to appeal the court’s decision. The sentences will be enforced once they have indicated whether they wish to enter an appeal, or not.

The savvy teenager reportedly identified and decided to exploit a technical glitch in the online casino’s software. The casino had an option in place that allowed players to cancel a return of funds and to have their money deposited to an online wallet instead. The teen signed up at the online casino by making use of a fake identity document and date of birth and by doing so, gained access to a profile. He then proceeded to scam the casino out of the mentioned amount over the course of a month.

The cunning young man hails from Forssa, Finland.

Sharing In Ill Gotten Gains

The young man’s saving grace appears to be the fact that the offenses were committed when he was still a minor and 16 years of age. Now turned 18, he was able to appear in court to hear his imposed sentence. In addition to the suspended sentence, he has also been ordered to pay back every cent that he had stolen from the casino, as well as the casino’s legal fees.

The parents of the teenager were both found to have been in possession of a portion of the funds, and have subsequently been charged with aggravated money laundering. In addition to each having received a portion of the money in their own personal bank accounts, the mother of the teenager was also found to be in possession of a $5,000 motorcycle believed to have been purchased with the illicit funds.

The two adults have also been ordered to pay back the stolen money.