Yggdrasil Extends Gamification to Table Games

Yggdrasil Boost Range
Leading iGaming and casino content developer Yggdrasil has decided to extend their Gamification tools into existing and upcoming table games. The range of “Boost” Gamification tools and technology will allow operators to deepen player campaigns and provide an enhanced user experience with updated formats.

Yggdrasil aims to bring their gamification system to all existing table game products while creating new titles with the tools built in. The integrated tools will allow the company to create a full range of specialised prize mechanism and player rewards across their most popular titles. It will also allow their partners and leading casino operators to add excitement by bringing campaigns to life. Players will be able to uncover hidden treasures throughout their gaming session via cash triggers and mystery prize drops,

Updated Roulette Titles Coming Soon

Currently, Yggdrasil has implemented Gamification tools in their popular Blackjack suite. The company has confirmed that in the next two years they will be taking their table games to the next level, starting with a whole new portfolio of Roulette titles. This will include a brand-new VIP-themed Golden Chip Roulette offering. The game is designed to offer an enhanced user experience for both desktop and mobile platforms. For operators this means increased retention and acquisition rates. 

Roulette fans can look forward to variants that will offer updated mobile technology with a pinch to zoom feature and high-resolution graphics. The games will also feature faster spins and amplified near-miss opportunities. The most impressive feature of the new games will the bet ranges and payouts. Yggdrasil’s Roulette will also offer higher strait up odds with payouts from 10x all the way to 500x the total bet instead of 36x as found in standard European Roulette.

The updated games will offer players more chances to win and provide a more appealing experience. Speaking to the press, Yggdrasil CEO Fredrik Elmqvist said that Boost has been a great success for the company since they introduced the Gamification technology and tools a few years ago. He said that the company will seen be showcasing the new and improved Boost features in their updated offerings.

Greater Engagement for Players

The company’s new roulette will launch with missions and prize drops, allowing their customers to increase player engagement and most importantly player session times. Mr Elmqvist said that with the Boost tools, the users experience is significantly enhanced with just a few taps of the screen of clicks of the mouse. The system could not be easier for the operators to use and so far, the results have been amazing.