Casino Glossary

There is certain terminology that it would do you well to understand before you begin enjoying online casino games at the brands we’ve reviewed and rated as worth your time. So we put together a for you to bookmark and refer back to as you need! You will soon find that you refer to it less and less as your experience increases, and soon you’ll be able to put it aside completely, and start exploring the rest of the site with ease.


Gambling activities in general.


The amount of money that you have in your account that is to be used for betting.

Cash Bonus

A specific type of online bonus. It can be withdrawn from your account once you have met the wagering requirements outlined in the terms and conditions.

Deposit Bonus

A type of casino bonus in which you are awarded when you make a deposit at a site and play for real money.


An acronym for the eCommerce Online Gambling Regulation and Assurance. eCOGRA is an independent authority which approves internet-based gambling sites that have shown evidence of their responsible operating practices and the fact that they provide players with a fair gambling experience.

Face Card

The Jack, Queen, and King in a deck of cards. (cards with faces on them)

Gambler's Fallacy

The inaccurate belief that that the outcome of a random event has been influenced by those that have gone previously. For example, believing that, the next time the online roulette wheel spins, the ball will land in a black pocket because the last 10 spins have all resulted in it landing in a red one.

High Roller

If you enjoy placing very high stakes bets on a regular basis, you’re a high roller.

Instant Casino

A kind of site that allows you to access the titles they provide from directly within your browser. No download is required to play.


A particularly large prize, most often associated with pokies titles.

Live Dealer Games

These are Internet-based gambling games that allow you to engage with human croupiers online. The real live dealers are in charge of actual gaming tables, and the action is streamed through to your device via real-time video feed.

Optimal Strategy

Certain games are said to have a correct way to play them, and your doing so will give you the best chance of winning, or simply minimise your chance of losing. This is referred to as Optimal Strategy.

Payout Odds

Used to determine how much you will win if your wager is correct, relative to the amount you initially staked. For example, payout odds of 2:1 will see you winning NZ$2 for every NZ$1 you bet.


An acronym for Random Number Generator. A computer programme used to automatically ensure that the results for the games are totally arbitrary and fair.

Reload Bonus

A specific type of online casino reward. Reload Bonuses are offered to you when you return to a site and make another deposit into your online account.

Side Bet

A Side Bet is one that is available in certain games on an outcome that is not directly linked to its results. For example, certain Blackjack variations allow you to place a Side Bet on whether the total for the first 2 cards dealt you will be higher or lower than 13.

Up Card

A card dealt exposed, or facing upwards so that you can see it. Also known as a Face Up card.

VIP Player

If you play very regularly, and/or do so for high stakes, you may well be a VIP. The acronym stands for Very Important Player.

VIP Program

A loyalty program that provides VIP players with additional rewards such as extra bonuses, faster cashout times and personal hosts.