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Hazarding a guess on the outcomes of athletics is one of the oldest forms of gambling New Zealanders still enjoy today. People were trying to guess the results of matchups hundreds of years ago in the same way we do online now. Of course, a lot has changed since the olden days, but the basic concept has remained the same.

You will be putting your money on a specific outcome, and if you are correct, you'll get it back, along with a little more. If you lose, you won't. Our Sports Betting Guides will help you enjoy the former more often than you do the latter! 

Start Winning More, More Often

But wagering is definitely more complex in many ways these days. It is easy enough to get started with a little basic knowledge. But if you want to do well over the long run, there's a lot to learn. Even if you're only gambling every now and then, winning is the ideal outcome, and knowledge, as they say, is power. We have all the information you need for more successful gambling.

Come One, Come All

Your level of experience doesn't matter, especially if you're wagering for fun. Our Sports Betting Guides are not only for gamblers who've been at it for a while! In fact, they are a wonderful way to start your journey. They will not only give you confidence, but the ability to make bigger returns, too.

New gamblers can find information about what wagering on athletics requires. There is heaps of basic advice that is easy to understand. Of course there are more advanced topics discussed as well, and a lot of strategy advice to have a look at. We even help you locate the best bookmakers in New Zealand!

The Kinds of Sports Betting Guides We Offer

We cover topics like the benefits of athletics wagers. How do they rank when compared to playing casino games and Poker? We discuss the reasons punters from this part of the world are so fascinated by this pastime.

We also look at the mechanics of wagering on athletics, and how the process works. We comprehensively detail the 3 main components of a stake:

  1. A Selection
  2. The Stakes
  3. The Odds

We report on the process you will be following when you want to place your stake. Our Sports Betting Guides also detail the methods available, like casinos that let you bet on games vs. online bookmakers.

Naturally, a proper understanding of how odds work is essential. We explain them in detail, look at how they work, and what formats they're provided in.

It's also helpful to know how bookmakers make their money. We'll be able to tell you exactly how they try to ensure they make a profit.

Value is one of the most important concepts New Zealand punters have to wrap their heads around. Luckily we explain it in detail in a way you can understand, and also discuss its relationship with probability.

Beginners are very well taken care of here at We will ensure you form good habits from the beginning, and get you up and running sooner than you think.

No matter what your level of experience, mistakes are inevitable. It's natural to err, and a big part of the learning process. But we offer you the chance to learn from the ones we've made, so you don't have to suffer the consequences of your own.

Many of the words and phrase you'll come across are self-explanatory, but not all of them are. That's where our Glossary comes in, and you'll be able to find out about the most important expressions easily.

We also have Sports Betting Guides on the kinds of wagers you can make. The easy-to-read explanations are provided with links to extra data where appropriate.

Everything you need is right here!