Rugby Sports Betting in New Zealand

Rugby is one of the most popular sports in the country, and when it comes to sports betting in New Zealand, it delivers the most action, especially when the World Cup is on. The All Blacks are a formidable team, and one that always brings an extra helping of adrenalin and excitement to the field.

Thanks to online betting you can put money on major international tournaments, home games and the World Cup, and there are wagering options to suit novices and expert punters.

Pros and Cons of Betting on Rugby

Online betting is not a new concept. For years punters have been watching sport and wagering on the outcome of a match. With Rugby betting online in New Zealand, the clear advantage is that most of the local sports enthusiasts are intimately familiar with the game, the teams and the players. This makes it easier to research past results and predict upcoming games.

The only downside is that most bettors stick to a handful of markets. Bookmakers know this, and tend to lower the odds on those that everyone chooses. The only way around this is to bet on less popular prop markets.

Popular Markets

The most popular markets for Rugby fans looking to enjoy a spot of sports betting in New Zealand are as follows, and we’ve gone into greater detail for each to give you the edge:

  • Outright
  • Match
  • Prop


If you are considering trying your hand at Rugby betting online in New Zealand, outright markets are the easiest to start with. These involve predicting the winning team of tournament and leagues. For example, you can predict the team to win the World Cup, the Super Rugby Champions, the Six Nations Champions, the Curry Cup Champions, the winner of the Pro 14, the Heartland Championship or the Mitre 10 Cup. For standalone tournaments, you can also predict which teams will make it through each round and who will reach the semi-finals and finals.


Rugby match markets are the most popular, as they can be placed on each game of a series or tournament. With sports betting in New Zealand, the match winner is the best option. This simply involves predicting which team will win the match. You don’t need to know the score, just who is going to win.

Handicap betting also falls under this category. When two teams are unevenly matched, the bookmaker will give the underdog a virtual point advantage. If you bet on the favourite, they must win by more than the handicap margin provided.

Over/Under markets are also popular online betting options. This is where bookmakers post a score that is the combined score of both teams after full time. Here you must predict whether the actual score will be over (above) or under (below) the score posted.


If you familiar with online betting, you may want to try your hand at some of the prop markets. These are bets that involve individual statistics or players in the match. Some of the more interesting prop markets include predicting the first team to score a try, the total number of tries scored in the game, which team will score the first points and which team will be leading at half time. It is also possible to predict if a team will win both halves of the game and how many penalties will be awarded.

Top 5 Bookmakers

Rugby betting online in New Zealand can be both fun and financially rewarding. If you have done all your research and are keen to put money on an upcoming game, we’ve rounded up the top 5 bookmakers to get you started:

  • Spin Sports
  • 888 Sports
  • William Hill
  • Betway Sports
  • Bet365