Your Guide to Slots Tournaments

Slots tournaments are a great way to add something new to your reel-spinning repertoire. They are fun, rewarding and easy to play, as they require no real skill from you whatsoever. Taking part in these kinds of competitions adds a touch of excitement to an already fantastic pokies-playing experience, especially if you like a challenge.

The Basics of Slots Tournaments

If you’ve never played in an online casino slots tournament before, then you need to rectify this fact immediately, since they’re also a wonderful way to socialise and indulge your competitive streak. They’re multiplayer contests that see players from all over the world participating after paying their entry fees, and you need to bear in mind that this is the only sum you’ll be putting forward.

Once you’ve bought in, the casino will give you a pre-set amount of credits that you’ll use in the competition, and each player taking part will start off with the same amount of these. The contest will also generally run for a specific amount of time, and you won’t be able to use features like Autoplay or Turbo.

When the slots tournament kicks off, simply click the Spin button as quickly as you can. Your aim is to keep those reels spinning, gathering as many points as is possible before the time or your credits run out. If you don’t beat the clock, your remaining credits will fall away, and your score will be compared to other players’ in order to determine the winner.

Types of Slots Tournaments

These contests come in a number of different shapes and forms, including those that are free, by invitation only, those that pay out all of the entry fees that have been collected, and those wherein the casino takes a profit. There are also scheduled games and Sit n Go’s that start whenever a set amount of players have joined.

Invite-only competitions are often made available for high rollers and loyal customers, but may also include all players at a specific site. There are even sites that make free contests available to the general public, and all of these can be held on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Best Strategy for Slots Tournaments

You’ll be relying heavily on luck when it comes to these competitions, but high levels of speed and the ability to concentrate will definitely help you. You need to use your credits within a certain timeframe, so playing fast and using them all will get you ahead of the pack. Each winning spin will boost your score and push you up the leaderboard.

Unused credits are simply forfeited, and can greatly disadvantage you. Keep your fingers on the Spin button, and keep tapping as rapidly as possible!

A good strategy tip is that before gameplay begins, check out the paytable for your competition. It should also be said that it can take a little while before winning credits get reflected in your score, so if you land a great combination, don’t waste time worrying where it is or even celebrating it. Keep playing!

Players can zone out when they’re taking part in an online casino slots tournament, and this can see them slowing down, which eventually results in a load of unused credits when the timer gets to 0. Make sure you keep your head in the game, and that you’re well rested, focused, and able to block out distractions before you enter.

At the end of the day,, there’s no formula that will guarantee you winning, which is why these games are so much fun to play. Just join in, take it for what it’s worth, giving it your best shot, and you’ll get a taste of the excitement this kind of contest delivers.