Guide to Live Dealer Dream Catcher

If you are in the mood for gaming with real dealers and other players, but don’t feel like playing the games traditionally associated with the genre online, live dealer Dream Catcher is the perfect option. It offers the best of the live casino experience, but amplifies the entertainment value and offers easy gameplay.

The title was developed by live dealer games provider Evolution Gaming, so you know it is of the highest standard. It is tempting to compare it to Roulette or even to a device that is a popular feature of many TV gameshows. However, it is in a class of its own. The action takes place in the provider’s studio, where friendly dealers take charge, and studio lighting and music synchronised with the wheel add to the atmosphere.

A Simple Yet Sophisticated Set Up

Live dealer Dream Catcher uses a very basic studio set-up, compared to options such as Roulette or Poker. There is no RNG to determine results. Instead, they are produced by a wheel featuring multicoloured segments, built exclusively for the provider by TSCJOHNHUXLEY.

The betting options are featured on the interface that appears on your computer or mobile device screen. You can place a bet simply by selecting the relevant option, and you’ll be betting on results produced by the wheel, rather than needing to beat a dealer to win.

Playing To Win

The dealer will welcome you when you join in the fun at a casino online recommended for players in New Zealand. You will be told when bets open, and you can then guess which of the numbers on the wheel will be the one on which it stops spinning.

When all bets are in, the dealer will spin the wheel, and will announce the result as soon as it stops. If there are any winning bets, the live dealer Dream Catcher wheel will be spun again. No bets are placed on that spin. Instead, it is made to see if the wheel will produce a multiplier to be applied to the winnings before they are paid out.

Reading the Wheel

Dream Catcher live dealer games revolve around the wheel. It produces results, which determine payouts, and it can produce multipliers that can seriously increase the size of your winnings.

Apart from black segments marked Multiplier and featuring either 2x or 7x, it has purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, and red segments. The coloured areas are marked 40, 20, 10, 5, 2, and 1. You need to choose one of them when you place a bet. If you bet on 10, and that is the result that the wheel produces, you will receive a payout of 1:40. If the second spin produces a 7x multiplier, that payout will then be multiplied 7 times.

More Reasons to Play

You will not find any variations of live dealer Dream Catcher at a recommended casino online. That will not matter, because you are sure to enjoy it exactly the way it is.

Unlike in other titles you are not required to make any moves after playing your bet, so there is no stress, and no need to worry about remembering winning strategies. The atmosphere is completely different to what is usually experienced when playing live dealer games. The banter of the dealer, along with the lights, music, and easy gameplay, make it light-hearted, laid back, and lots of fun. Being such a rewarding option makes it even more attractive. If, however, you insist on finding other wheel-based entertainment online, we can recommend Roulette.

Experience what live dealer Dream Catcher has to offer. Join in the fun at one of the brands we recommend for players in New Zealand.

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