Your Guide to Playing Live Poker at Online Casinos

Live Poker is a great way to bring a new level of authenticity and realism to your online casino experiences. The same rules as in conventional online or land-based Poker rooms apply, but there are some key differences. Most importantly, as with all live casino games, you get to interact with a professional dealer from the comfort of your own home, or wherever you are in New Zealand.

The Action Comes to You

In these games, a charming, gorgeous and professionally trained host deals real cards. High-quality video feeds stream the events to as they unfold, and you get to watch them as they happen. The visuals and functionality at the sites that we recommend are of such a high standard, that you will feel like you’re sitting in the heart of somewhere like Las Vegas or Monaco.

At the same time, you’ll still have the convenience, lower minimum bets, higher payout and generous bonuses that have always made playing online so great. You might well find, as so many other players do, that live casino games bring the best of both the land-based environment and online platforms together.

Going Up Against the Dealer

Live Poker follows the same rules as other games, but there is one very important difference. Usually, you are playing against your fellow tablemates, with no participation from the house. However, when you’re playing live you are facing off the dealer only, and no other players.

This allows you to get familiar with the rules and hand rankings of these card games, without having to bluff or interpret the bluffs of others. For novices, this can be really useful. Once you’ve gotten to grips with the basics, you can try your luck against other enthusiasts.

A Social Experience

You might not be going against anyone besides the dealer, but you are still able to talk with other participants. At most of the establishments that we recommend, the optional Chat function can be activated for live casino games.

Being able to interact with fellow players as well as with your host makes the atmosphere even more authentic. You can discuss the action at the table and develop your insights, since you are not trying to bluff each other and you will not lose because someone else is winning. Added to all of this, of course, is the fact that gaming this way is simply more sociable and fun.

Truly Immersive Gaming

Most software developers add other enhancements to their live Poker titles to make them feel even more realistic. For example, you’ll be able to move chips onto the appropriate areas of the table in front of you. Authentic sound effects and glamourous settings go even further to evoke the feeling of a land-based establishment.

Depending on where you choose to play, there are also several variations that might be available. This includes Texas Hold’em, Casino Hold’em, Three Card and Caribbean Stud versions. You can expect more options to be developed and rolled out in the future, as this type of gaming remains popular. Every variant also offers thrilling side bets, which can take your payouts to new levels.

Try Live Poker Today

If you’re ready to go further with your betting, playing and winning than you’ve ever been before, this is the easiest way to do so! To be sure you are trying it out in a safe and fair environment, choose a site from our list of recommendations. You’ll get to practice your skills and connect with like-minded enthusiasts, and you may even walk away with some impressive winnings.