Your Own Personal Online Poker Guide

What is online Poker? It’s simply the traditional card game played via the Internet instead of with your pals. There are many different sites; all offering different variations of the game, with a wide range of stakes available, including titles you can play for free.

In terms of learning how to play, if you’re a Video Poker fan, you’re halfway there. As the name suggests, it’s based on the card game, with roots in 5-Card Draw. There’s no one to beat, though, you simply need to get a well-ranked hand, which is why these games are so great for practice play, or for when you need a bit of a break from strategizing.

Poker Online vs. Land-Based Games

The rules for Poker are the same whether you’re playing a Live Dealer game online, against friends in your own home, or in RNG software-based titles. There are a few small differences to bear in mind, however.

Internet based games are quicker, and not as risky, since you can play for smaller amounts, and, of course, they’re far more accessible. You can play anytime, anywhere, as long as you can connect. Live Dealer games combine the best of both worlds, and with traditional online titles you don’t need to be able to read a bluff.

Cash Online Poker Games vs. Tournaments

Cash games allow you to come and go as you like, and buy-in for an amount you choose, within the table’s limits. There are different types of cash game buy-ins.

Fixed Limit: The value of the wagers and Raises are set by the site.

No Limit: The value of the bets and the Raises are not restricted at all.

Pot Limit: You are able to stake any amount between the specified minimum bet and the value of the Pot at that time.

Common Poker online tournament types include:

Bounty Hunters, which pay you for knocking other players out. Sometimes you’ll need to knock out a particular player, and other times you can face off against anyone.

Multi-Table Tournaments, which attract many players thanks to the large payouts they provide. You’ll get paid out according to where you finish.

Re-Buys, where you are allowed to buy your way back into the game if you get knocked out.

Sit & Go’s, which have a set number of seats available, and once these are filled the game begins.

A Great Online Game to Play

Online Poker is one of the best table game options when you’re enjoying real money gambling, thanks in part to just how many variations of it are available. Additionally, there are also many bonuses and Freerolls for you to take advantage of, which ensures that your bankroll goes that much further.

Just some of the most popular variants you’ll find include:

●        Texas Hold’em

2 cards get dealt face down to the players, and then there are 5 Community Cards that you’ll work with.

●        5 Card Stud

This is the earliest form of the game, originating way back in the American Civil War. Fixed Limits are common with 5 Card Stud.

●        7 Card Stud

You’ll be dealt 7 cards in total, but only the best 5 card Poker Hand will determine who wins.

●        Omaha Hold’em

This is a Community Card variation similar to Texas Hold’em.

●        Caribbean Stud

The rules for Caribbean Stud are derived from 5 Card Stud Poker, but you will be playing against the house, not other players.

If you’re brand-new to the game, try a few different sites to see what’s available before you commit, and remember to try new titles for free before you start putting any money down.