Your Guide to Online Roulette

An iconic game at any casino, Roulette makes us envision the type of establishment that delivers only the best. This is true of the sites we recommend. Browse through the list in our online Casino Reviews section and find the online establishment that caters to your taste. Guaranteed you will find Roulette in their lobby.

Discover the thrill and anticipation of the Little Wheel. It caters to all players and all pockets and, it has three variations for you to test.

Take this iconic game for a spin and experience the excitement for yourself.

What to Expect

There are 3 main versions of Roulette, the European, French and American, but the differences are minor and by far the most popular is the European version.

The Roulette wheel comes in 2 designs, the European and the American. The only difference between the 2 is that the American version has an additional green double zero (00) pocket whereas the European wheel features only a single zero (0) green pocket. Both wheels have alternating Black and Red pockets numbered 0 to 36.

The American wheel gives the house a slightly higher edge, which adds to the challenge a bit. The French version of the game, played on much the same wheel as the European version, offers the La Partage rule. The European and French house edge is 2.70%, while the American variant is almost doubled at 5.26%.

When playing online the wheel is a digital rendering of the real thing and the winning pockets are generated by RNG’s (Random Number Generators). With the cutting edge graphics and state of the art technology our recommended casinos offer you can barely tell the difference.

The wheel spins in a direction and a small ball is released and rolls in the other. The winning pocket is whichever one the small ball stops in.

Roulette is a game of luck and there is no way to predict or influence where the ball chooses to land. Your challenge? To predict which pocket that will be.

Betting Ins and Outs

The only true strategies in Roulette are the type of bets you place, and the casinos you place them at. The sites we review that make it onto our listings are handpicked and thoroughly tested which means only the best online casino sites make it through. The casinos listed here are all licensed, regulated, and guarantee fair play.

The betting strategies are not as complicated as the table may lead you to believe. Players can place Inside bets and Outside bets. The former are higher risk bets that are very specific. The payouts increase as the risk does and as the risk increases so the odds of winning decrease. These are bets for the more seasoned player or a punter on a hot streak. The latter, Outside bets, are low risk low paying bets but with much higher odds of winning.

Inside bets include betting on a single number, Street bets, Split, Corner and Trio bets. Outside bets can be high or low number bets, odd or even number bets, or a colour bet where you bet on the pocket colour. Payouts range from even money to a 36:1 payout on a straight up bet.

The Betting Mechanics

Betting is as simple as selecting your virtual chips by tapping or clicking and placing them in the betting area. After that, you click spin and the rest is up to the RNG’s that power the game.

Winning is easy with us. Simply read our reviews, familiarise yourself with our tips and strategies and place your bets at any of the trusted sites that suit you.

Real money wins or losses, you are always a winner when you play online Roulette at industry leaders. Make your online deposit and start playing now!

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