Cosmic Fortune™

This casino slot is no longer available, Click here for an alternative casino slot

When it comes to finding the best progressive pokies in New Zealand, our money’s on NetEnt’s Cosmic Fortune™. Literally. Released in 2014 and playable on desktop, it’s become one of the most popular online casino games for many reasons. Firstly, it’s probably one of the most modern-looking progressive pokies out there. Secondly, it offers plenty in the way of rewards, thanks to many exciting features that include an almost unheard of 5 jackpots – 3 of which fall in the progressive jackpot category. Thirdly, its retro-space theme will keep you entertained for hours. Fourthly…well, you catch the drift. Let’s take a closer look at Cosmic Fortune™ and all it brings to the table in terms of symbols and features, before recommending an online casino at which to play this top progressive pokies offering.


Cosmic Fortune™ is packed full of arcade-style, space-age fun. After a short, yet adorable, pixel-based intro video, you’ll be lead to the pre-game screen, where you’ll catch your first glimpse of the incredible game symbol graphics that you’re about to uncover. This is also where you’ll be reminded of how many coins you could win from a single spin on this online progressive pokies game (hint: it’s 1 470 000).

As for the symbols themselves, you’ll find all manner of planets, rockets, robots and monsters on the game’s 3x5 reel area. Depending on how many symbols you land on one or more of the 15 active paylines, you can expect to win anything from 3x to 1 500x your bet size, so be sure to aim for the stars!

Special Features

You’ll notice that Cosmic Fortune™ boasts a number of features to boost your winning potential, the first of which is Free Falls. Triggered when 3 lightning bolt marble Scatters appear, you can win up to 15 Free Falls at a time. As they look exactly the same as base game spins, you might not realise you’ve entered Free Falls at first, however, they lead to the bonus game, which is a ping-pong-like adaptation in the arcade-style of the game.

Here, marbles are dropped from a flying object and if they should land in a container with a credit-value attached, you’ll make off with wins. This is also the prequel to the jackpot game, where not only credit-value containers feature, but additional Mega, Major, Midi, Mini and Rapid containers appear too – giving you the chance to instantly qualify for 1 of 5 larger-than-life payouts.

Where to Play

Our top recommendation for the best progressive pokies in New Zealand is, and always will be, Fun Casino. Their bonuses are out of this world, their games selection second to none and their online progressive pokies unmatched. What’s more, sign up today and you’ll be in line for a new player welcome offer that could result in you having such a large bankroll that you’ll be able to play Cosmic Fortune™ to your heart’s content! We’ll see you inside, earthlings.