Responsible Gambling

Online casinos understand that players put an immense amount of trust into them. That’s why we only recommend casinos that have responsible gaming policies in place and those that use software designed by reputable and well-known companies. We also recommend only playing at online casinos that are fully licensed and regulated and those that are subject to auditing and certification by a third-party organization. All of the casinos we recommend are fully licensed by reputable gaming authorities of the countries in which they operate. Trustworthy sites outline the specific criteria online casinos have to meet to be granted and maintain their gaming authority license. These enforceable rules and regulations mean you are assured of the platform’s honesty. The casinos provide links to the authorities’ websites so that players can easily verify credentials.

Do You Need Help for Your Problem?

Do you have a gambling problem? The hallmark sign that you have an addiction is that you cannot stop. You feel like you need to try one more time or you get anxious at the thought of quitting. Common signs of a gambling problem include:

  • Your friends and family are concerned about your gambling
  • You are cagy about your gambling
  • You gamble when you cannot afford to
  • You struggle to control your gambling habits
  • You use money that was intended for living necessities
  • You borrow money to gamble
  • Your gambling affects your relationships

Excessive gambling can cause a range of emotional symptoms, too, such as depression, anxiety, and suicidal tendencies. In extreme circumstances, these thoughts can lead to a gambler attempting to end their life. Losing everything to gambling is devastating and leaves players feeling hopeless. Along with emotional signs of addiction, there are also physical symptoms, such as sleep deprivation as a result of anxiety and depression. In turn, this can lead to weight loss or weight gain, dark circles under your eyes, pale skin, and acne. If this sounds like you, there are ways to get help.

Play at a Casino That Supports Responsible Gambling

Quitting gambling is not easy, but with the aid of friends and family, and even a support group, you can travel the road to recovery. All the casinos we recommend support responsible gambling. The online casinos offer players cooling-off periods, self-exclusion periods, and deposit limit options. As part of their responsible gambling policies, they allow players to lock their accounts for a predetermined period of time, too. The casinos also provide the necessary information regarding gambling support organizations both in New Zealand and internationally, so you have access to support groups and gambling addiction programs that can help you recover from your addiction. The casinos’ responsible gambling policy incorporates under-age gambling. All of the casinos we review and recommend have verification processes in place when players open an account to ensure the player is 18 years or older. The sites also provide links to websites that offer ways to block casino websites on your devices to prevent minors accessing the casinos. If you think you have a gambling problem, seek help right away.