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Sports Events

For New Zealanders with a passion for sport, there are only a handful of things that can add to the excitement of watching your favourite athletic event unfold. Placing a wager on the outcome definitely falls within that category.

Our team of experts and online sports betting enthusiasts contribute their insights, as well as the latest news about upcoming games, predictions and tips. We cover who won, who lost, and critique and evaluations on teams and tournaments. We feature all New Zealand punters favourites; and this wide variety means you can look forward to your favourite as well as learn about some novel athletics too.

The Sports Events section has been created so that you can place better bets and win more often. Set a reminder to check in with us regularly and let our experts guide you to bigger returns!

Exclusive Reviews and Easy Access

Playing on the go can be cause for concern in New Zealand. Knowing that your personal details and online deposits and withdraws are kept safe and confidential are as much a priority as accessibility. Our site is available on all devices including your mobile, and when you are ready to place your bet, the bookmakers we recommend are too. With us you will find the ultimate odds plus, your mobile transactions are safe and secure. You will never again miss out because you were not at the right place at the right time. Now you can carry it all in your pocket.

No matter which device you choose to use, you can access our Sports Events page anytime, from anywhere and you will be able to stay up to date on all your local and international events. We will deliver the most updated action as games unfold and thanks to our dedicated reviews we can point you to a site to place your bet too. Each one is rated and graded, and we never feature a site we do not trust.

With online betting becoming so popular in New Zealand we want to give you the low down on how to win with the very best sites. Our in-depth Sportsbook Reviews are the perfect guide to the sites that provide a wide range of wagering options. We do the full Monty before we list a site, this way you know you are placing the best bet with the best every time.

With so much going on and barely a minute to spare, make sure you don’t miss out on the info you need to place the right wagers for you. Simply pop on over to our site, have a squizz and enjoy watching your favourite team or player do their thing.

A Bet For Every Season

Don’t get overwhelmed looking for a site or sport to wager on, we have them all right here. We know Rugby is always top of the betting list, but you will also find information on Soccer, Netball, Basketball, even Greyhound racing. Let us not forget Rugby Union, Boxing and MMA.

You will be able to find a place for your bet no matter the season, whether you are a winter or summer sport fan, we cover international events as well as local ones. If Skiing is your thing remember, it’s always winter somewhere.

No spinning yarns here, our information is accurate and up to date, with us you cannot go wrong. Sports betting requires research. You need to know your athletes, the terrain, the teams and coaches, prior track records, and we have it all here. Available all day every day, 365 days a year, we’re your on-stop sporting hub!